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Discover How To Become A Mentalist

If you are looking for information on how to become a mentalist you are no doubt aware that mentalists (or mind readers) have been around for many years astounding us with their ability to appear to read our most private thoughts. It is this ability of seemingly capturing others people’s innermost thoughts that is a very tempting venture for a great deal of people and has been inspired even more by the latest TV series such as “The Mentalist”.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to become a mentalist, let’s look at exactly what this special skill involves.

Mentalists are professionals at reading body language in a quick and accurate way and predicting other people’s actions. Everyone sends out a constant flow of signals, but mentalists know how to interpret those signals into “predictions.”

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If you have ever seen the television show, then you’ve watched Simon Baker do some pretty amazing mind tricks. The character in this show uses intuition, body temperature, pulse, and gesture reading to determine how that person is likely to act and to dig out the truth that he is seeking. So if you’re curious about how to become a mentalist, you need to be willing to master the necessary skills that allow you to “read” people in this special way.

The first step in how to become a mentalist is to understand exactly what a you observe, or “read,” to figure out what someone is thinking. The four main skills that every mentalist should have are acuity, awareness, flexibility, and good focus. These skills are not only important for reading your target. You need to know exactly what types of signals you are sending out at all times as well.

Another aspect of how to become a mentalist is weaving the skills just mentioned into three of your brain potentials. These are called Emotional awareness (EQ), IQ, and Physical awareness (PQ). Let me explain a little more:

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To gain emotional awareness you will need to enhance your knowledge of all of your mental and emotional states of being. Once you learn to notice your own states, you can learn how to spot them in others. With practice, it will become obvious which of them will be needed, and how to go in and out of them as required. Becoming knowledgeable about emotional awareness takes some practice, but once you pick up on it, you will see how obvious these emotional states really are.

When working to enhance your IQ, you will need to explore different methods for unlocking your more creative sides. You also begin to develop the ability to zero in on the target and learn exactly what to watch for and when. Problem-solving and interpretive skills are a huge part of how to become a mentalist. Luckily everyone has the potential to open up the blocks that we naturally seem to put on our IQ.

Our physical awareness (PQ) teaches us how to use our basic senses to recognize the signals that everyone emits from their emotions and facial expressions. Once you have mastered this skill you will be able to see these signals within your own actions and in the actions of others.

To become a true mentalist you will need to perfect all these new skills of recognition. It is highly recommended that you do a lot of studying, since a big part of how to be a mentalist involves constantly learning from all the people you encounter, including their reactions to your signals.  Mentalists are perpetual students of human nature, and they work constantly to refine their skills and abilities.

Get books and watch shows performed by other mentalists so that you can see how they have mastered the art of mind reading. Once you are ready to begin reading other people, it’s good to find people you can practice on. They will help you figure out what you need to work on, where your strengths lie and therefore the best area for you to concentrate on.

Feedback is a crucial part of how to become a mentalist. Without it, you could just be imagining what you think the other person is thinking – instead of actually reading the signals correctly. Ultimately, becoming a mentalist should expand your understanding of people, their thoughts and emotions.

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Strange Mentalism Tricks To Learn

Mentalism Tricks Are Pretty Handy!

With the rise in popularity of performers like David Blaine and Criss Angel, it is certainly not surprising that an interest in learning mentalism tricks are on the rise. But, “how do they do it”?

When you think these guys actually try out their mentalism tricks on the streets on the general public, and without any stage props it is absolutely astounding to watch. You can see the genuine surprise and curiosity on people’s faces when they try and think of how these mind tricks are done.

People like this who are able to perform mentalism tricks are far removed from traditional magicians. These are very special niche magic skills that have been well learned over years. If you believe they can truly read your mind, that’s fine, and that’s exactly what you should believe. It may not be psychic in the way you would think, but it is certainly an extraordinary skill. Learning how to become a mentalist takes time and patience.

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Learning mentalism tricks are certainly not the same as being able to do card tricks. If you have some dexterity and style, you can pick up card tricks quite quickly which is far removed from the more subtle skills you need to practice and develop until you get it right to be a true mentalist.

Is it really possible to levitate someone above the ground? I very much doubt it. We all see it happening and can’t figure it out but seeing is believing as they say. The tricks performed by Criss Angel for example have taken him a very long time to perfect. There are truly hundreds of little details that need to come together for it to fool and audience. Mentalism tricks may be smaller tasks, but they also require the rapid coordination of details and skills to be able to pull them off.

There are certainly a huge amount of complex mind reading tricks that magicians perform; some appear even more impressive than levitating a person. David Blaine is one magician who is always performing some very unique feats that require incredible mental discipline. Do you recall the stunt where he stayed under water for a record nine minutes? He had to escape from over one hundred of fifty pounds of chains. This most definitely was no “trick”. Most people realise that you can remain under water for up to two minutes without breathing. But just how did he manage nine minutes? The answer is that he had to train his body and mind to perform such a task.mentalism tricks

As the use of mentalism tricks grows in garners popularity, the more often and the better you will see them being performed. While the top magicians will do hundreds of hours in practice sessions, even even the layman who is interested can still get access to the knowledge of how to do them on the Internet. Books and courses will also provide a lot of step-by-step clarification on how to execute these mentalism tricks.

You will certainly need lots of time and plenty of patience to master these techniques. And if you can perfect the art, you are certain to be a crowd pleaser with your friends and family.  In addition, conquering these techniques will give you more confidence and give your ego one heck of a boost!

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Mind Reading Games For Your Next Party!

Why Not Try Some Mind Reading Games At Your Next Party

Have you ever wanted to learn the tricks that magicians do at their shows, including how they seemingly read minds? The good news is that mind reading games can be learned by everyone if you simply apply yourself to the task.

Magicians would consider it an illusion. But you will find that when you have mastered a few mind reading games, people may start to believe that you are actually psychic and can read their minds. That or you have ESP (extra sensory perception).

One of the most famous of magicians who is famours for mind reading tricks is David Blaine. Other who have practiced this art include Houdini, Joseph Dunninger and the Amazing Kreskin. They are certainly well known for this particular genre. In London, around 1781, Philip Breslaw was thought to be the first to perform highly sophisticated and complex mind reading games. Henri Robin, Robert Heller and the Pinettis family were also well known for their mind reading acts.


For decades people have been confused by these mind reading games, and even those who don’t believe in psychic abilities, are entertained by such illusions. It’s actually quite easy to get you guessing and wondering about how they do these things, even if it is just a trick.

An example of a mind reading game is the Orange Kangaroo. In this game, the participant selects an animal, a fruit and a country. You will need a certain about of mathematical ability to get this trick right as it requires two players.

Words that are kept hidden are placed on a sheet of paper and folded. It is then given to the other player who must select a number between one and nine. Then it gets a little more complicated. The number is then multiplied by nine and added to the original number. If the consequential number is greater than nine, five is subtracted.

The other player must now guess the letter of the alphabet that is linked to this number; where A is one, B is two and so on. Whatever letter is guessed, it should then be used to be the first letter of the country guessed.

Following this an animal will be selected that starts with the last letter of the country. Selecting a fruit will follow the same procedure as well, this time from the last letter of the animal. The “reveal” is the best part, when the other player sees that the choices and those on the paper are one and the same. However, the game really works because of the internal logic of the math and the sequential selection of letters. Most people think it’s magic though!

There are many other mind reading games in existance, for example, the Amazing Dunninger Game. Just by searching the Internet you can find instructions on how to do these. Of course it requires practice to be able to pull them off successfully, including using a little style and panache when you do the trick.

You must be patient and expect to make some mistakes. Practice with friends privately at first to make sure you can do the trick consistently and flawlessly. Mind reading games can be a great source of entertainment at parties and make you the centre of attention, so go and have some fun!

Aug 30

What About Mind Reading Techniques Then?

Mind Reading Techniques: Not So Mysterious After All

Whether you are young or old, you are bound to be captivated by them magician’s art and magic acts. Some of the top tricks that seem to always captivate audiences include levitation, mind reading, and perhaps the most mysterious of all: mentalism tricks. We are curious by nature, and we become enchanted by trying to ascertain how performers pull off these feats. How do they make mind reading appear so real and so effortless?

Very few of us will perform before an audience, but the basics of the magician’s mind reading techniques can be yours if you are willing to work at it. This is one magic trick that takes practice, months and even years to perform convincingly.

One of the more popular mind reading techniques involves the use of playing cards. Do you recall seeing a card trick, and someone guessing what card the person is holding or has selected? These tricks always seem to leave people guessing how it was done.

You can be certain that the person who is doing this particular mind reading technique has taken a lot time to not only learn the techniques of observation and card manipulation behind it, but developed a style that allows them to show it off seamlessly. If you have any interest in doing it, you too must dedicate the time to learning it as well.

Mind reading techniques and instructions for learning them are readily available over the Internet and in books for anyone who is interested in. Mentalism requires practice and patience; certain skills, including the ability to “read” people, don’t some over night. But if you want to learn, the tips below should prove quite helpful.

The first trait needed for using mind reading techniques successfully is observation. Mental acuity is the key to unleashing and being able to perform a trick successfully. There are literally dozens of methods that you can learn that will allow you to “know” what a person is thinking. Magicians often deduce a lot from how you dress, the responses you give to a question, even the way in which you move. Think of how Sherlock Homes would deduce someone’s profession from the shape of their hands or the way they stood.

Taking all these things into consideration is the first mind reading technique you need to learn, and it’s known as “cold reading.” Literally no detail should escape your notice, and the ability to observe and interpret all these details with a high degree of success takes a great deal of practice.

Mind reading techniques do not stand alone. Comprehension and training your brain to apply itself in a relaxed form of intense concentration is very important. It’s like a form of hypnosis. Making eye contact and “connecting” with your subject can make all the difference between success and failure.

Presentation and confidence are also important. You must project a knowingness and speak and act in such a way that people believe you. Mind control is the only way that you can make your mind reading techniques go off effortlessly, or seem to anyway. You need to engage not just your subject but your audience and have them see what you want them to see. People must be engrossed in what you are doing, and to notice nothing else. Making them believe that you have powers is a major plus, that adds to the illusion.

Art or science, how do you categorize magic? Understanding the basic principles of both is important. The most successful magicians study science their entire lives and use it to their advantage. Investing in soaking up all you can about science will make you an even better magician. But most of all, a constant study of psychology and human will make it possible for you to use mind reading techniques just like a master magician.

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